Rib Around Soaker

Rib Around Soaker
Acrylic Diaper Cover, no seaming, no grafting
gauge: 5st per inch
this cover was designed for use with worsted weight acrylic yarn, but also works very well for wool.

you will need approx 130 yards for the smallest size, and size 6 DPNs or circular needles,
or size needed to get gauge.

 if you want, you can measure your baby for the rise you want. Beginning where you want the TOP of the waistband to be in the front, go down through the legs, and back up to the top of the waistband in back. This measurement is called the TOTAL RISE.

Things you will need to know: Provisional cast on, cast on at end of row, picking up stitches, knitting in the round.
twisted rib: *k1tbl, p1* around
for sizes Newborn (small, medium, large, xl)
Using a provisional cast on, such as a crochet chain or provisional cast on (PCO) over a scrap yarn,
CO 30 (36, 40, 44, 48) stitches

knit 1 row
purl 1 row.

K1, SSK, knit to last 3 stitches, K2tog, K1.
Purl across.

Repeat last two rows until 18 (26, 30, 34, 38) stitches remain.

knit in 2x2 rib until piece measures 8 ( 9.5 11 12.5 14)inches
knit 2 rows stockinette.

At end of RS row, using backward loop method, CO 6(5, 5, 5, 5) St.
Pick up stitches from provisional CO, knitting across them.
CO 6 (5, 5, 5, 5)stitches after provisional stitches have been worked  and join to continue knitting in the round. 60 (72, 80, 88, 96) total st.

Knit in stockinette stitch in the round until RISE measures
10.5 (12.5, 14.5, 16.5, 18.5)

knit in twisted rib for 1.5-2 inches, or until total rise is to your desired measurements. If desired, switch to a smaller size needle for tighter waistband. Bind off with your favorite stretchy bind-off. i use k1, *place k stitch back on needle, k2tog,* on a needle one size larger.

Leg options: for rolled leg, pick up stitches around legs, and knit stickinette for 6-8 rows. BO very loosely.
For crocheted legs, SC around, one SC for each stitch around. do three rows sc. Fasten off. To add ribbed legs, pick up stitches around leg holes in a multiple of 4, and knit for 10 rows in 2x2 rib. BO very loosely with stretchy bindoff.

With i-cord, twisted cord, or crochet chain, make a drawstring roughly twice the circumference of the cover. Using large eye needle or crochet hook, pull drawstring in and out through stitches halfway up the ribbing. (I have not found a need to make eyelet holes for a drawstring. putting the cord through stitch openings works just fine. )

for an acrylic soaker, wash in hot water, and dry with fabric softener to assist in waterproofing ability.

for a wool soaker, handwash gently, and lanolize well before using.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

we celebrate christmas, and our church lights a menorah as well... and celebrates Chalica, a holiday to remember and honor the 7 principles of Unitarian Universalism.

but mostly, i celebrate christmas. both as a religious and a secular holiday. i make cookies, make candy, trim the tree. i hang a stocking, and give out cards. i dont' care if i get gifts or not, as long as i have my apple and orange in my stocking, and breakfast with the one i love. this year, i get to add my beautiful daughter to this mix for the first time. she has a stocking too, and a few small gifts to go in it.  this year will be especially tight for us, but i truly do believe in the spirit of christmas, and the joy of family. we'll be going to visit Kim's family for christmas proper, having visited my parents at thanksgiving.

which reminds me... i need to remember to leave cookies and milk out for santa. :) and maybe some trail mix for his reindeer.
Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

holiday cooking

i think people lose a sense of the year moving when we focus only on one or two holidays. when i was more heavily pagan, i celebrated (and cooked for) each of the sabbats, and really enjoyed taking food into my body as a way of remembering the time of year.

now that i am exploring more traditional christian festivals (despite my not so traditional belief system) it's become important to me to note these changes in teh year with cooking. i've made King cake every year for several years.  usually i make it only a few days before mardi gras, to insure i give away most of it and only keep a bit to eat for myself. i enjoy this tradition. i've enjoyed sharing it with my partner(s) and chosen family at the time.  this year, i have a much larger chosen family with which to share, and also a couple of vegan friends, which means either making two cakes, or heavily modifying my egg-and-milk laden sweet bread dough. 

but there's another recipe i want to make this year: hot cross buns. hot cross buns are made to be eaten on good friday, and have lots and lots of historical references. buti want to make them. i intended to make them LAST year, but didn't.

i'm writing this NOW, so far away from good friday, because i want to make thi commitment. not to just make THESE buns, but to cook to celebrate the changing seasons, and this also means paying attention to seasonal produce.  and THAT means that i intend to make trips to the farmer's market to familiarize myself with what i really available. i want to try so hard to use local produce and really be aware of this world we ave been given, and value it through food, and to value my family and my service through cooking.

cooking "bonus" foods, or feast foods, is a specialty, to remember and bless holy days, but cooking using healthier local foods and seasonal foods is a service to my Master, my family, my community, my earth,  and to myself. this is something i want to concentrate on this year, and hopefully all the years to come.

sporadic knitting... and a time test!

so i'm at a friend's house, cause we went over to let teir dog out, and i'm hanging out here until Kim gets off work. i only brought the forever-scarf, because i was sick of it not being finished, and i wanted to make sure i didn't have any other fiber-y distractions... so, i was knitting on the forever scarf, and suddenly .....it's done!!  (it looks like..... a scarf!  i might add a pic later. i'm jut glad the damn thing is done.)

so, i'm done, i have no other projects with me, and i have extra yarn.. like, a good bit of extra yarn, and i'm just looking at patterns on Ravelry that use this much of this weight yarn on this size needles... and see a pattern labelled "5-hour baby sweater"...

i saw a challenge! i have yarn, needles, and five hours... lets see how this goes!!
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clean thoughts...

i was thinking about the term "immaculate conception" . it's such a loaded term, so full of thoughts of sex (or not) and baby making, and suchlike, but i was struck by the word "immaculate" as a term for how something has been cleaned, and it got me thinking.

what if this immaculate conception, this clean conceiving, wasn't about making a baby? what if this was about thinking? what if it was about concepts, ideas, mind-workings.... conceptions?

what if, the true turning point in that whole life of the man jesus wasn't centered around how his mother got pregnant, but about her mind, and her thoughts, and how she decided to raise her child? what if, instead of being about mary not having had relations with a man, the important, vital, essential thing in that process was the striking, overwhelming thought of a pure, clear, untainted view of love? what if it was about the very idea of love so vast, so amazing, so unconditional, that it colored every thing she did and said, every thing she taught this child, everything she raised him to believe? this idea, that everything, every person, every soul, i worthy of love, to the point where "worth" doesn't even hold meaning at all? a concept so accepting and encompassing that it is no longer capable of being dirty or tainted, so huge and enveloping that there is nothing left with which to sully it?

what if you were a child raised to think, to believe, to KNOW that every single person everywhere is holy, pure, and worthy of joy and happiness, of wholeness and peace? if you were loved by someone who taught you that love was the most precious, and most abundant thing possible, and to withhold it from anyone, ever, is the gravest and most heartbreaking act imaginable? if you grew up KNOWING that every other person, every other entity that ever was or ever will be was a precious thing, so secure and full of this knowledge that NOT loving them wasn't even an option?

if you were that child, with that mother, do you think that pureness of thought could change the world?

i do.
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and on, and on...

and on... i hate knitting scarves. it just feels like a huge time investment for very little payoff. but i'm knitting this one because it was commissioned. it'sthe first scarf i've ever done on commission, and it will be the last. i'm not sure anyone can pay me enough to knit another scarf, but i will admit this one is pretty.  and if all goes well, it will be FINISHED this evening.

if i'm going to knit a neck-warming thing, i'd rather knit a pidge: kind of a short scarf-type thing that crosses at the neck and fastens with a large button. one, you get the awesomeness of scarf-warmness without knitting forever,and two, you get to use awesome buttons! i love the stitch pattern on this scarf, and i'm thinking i'll use it to make a pidge for myself with some awesome yarn that i spun myself. another bonus of a pidge: they use very little yarn, comparatively. i can probably do a pidge with around 100 yards of a bulky.

the stitch pattern is called montana rib, which is a kind of mistake/broken rib that makes a very deep cushy knit. it goes like this:

knit over a multiple of six stitches, plus 3:
Row 1: *K3, P3* repeat to last 3st, K3
Row 2: *K1, P1* repeat to last st, K1

repeat these two rows until the length you like.

and although i'm glad it almost over, i am proud of myself. knitting this scarf has been a lesson in dedication and perseverance. i will most definitely be more careful about the projects i accept for commission from now on, though. another lesson. (and thanks to my Wife for insisting i finish. she is my drive when i don't have it myself.)
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what an entrance...

i'm pregnant. i'm 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, probably my only child. my partner an i ware expecting something at the end of june. one of the most frequent questions i get is, "when is the baby due?"

honestly, i don't think much about that "magic day". an i dint' think so very much about why, but i thought maybe i should. i mean, isn't it natural to just count down until labor day, so to speak? i don't know. maybe not for me?

there seems to be an awful taboo surrounding being pregnant and talking about miscarriage. nobody wants to "bring bad on themselves" or whatever like that, but, i have  found myself involved with a group of women on another site, all of us due within a couple of weeks of each other. one of them had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. one of them has a friend who is around 22 weeks who just lost her baby. a friend of a friend of mine lost her little girl at 25 weeks.i know that it is possible that this pregnancy could end unexpectedly. i sincerely hope that doesn't happen, but i know it does, often, and it gets me thinking.

listening to some of the other women in my group speak about their pregnancies, if some women remember or value their pregnancies at all. there are quite a few women who are just "counting days" until the baby they are carrying is born. they seem to ignore all the things their bodies are doing, unless it is inconveniencing, and they look forward to each new doctor visit as one less month until baby day.

i have to feel a little sad for that. i have to wonder, "if they lose their baby, what can they keep from this experience?" not fair, i know. maybe they don't WANT to keep anything from the experience. maybe these women are guarding themselves against the pain of a miscarriage, ignoring what's happening so that if they lose the baby, they can try to forget there ever was one. i don't know. i can't be in their heads. i can't know their motives. and i certainly can't judge. but it DOES make me think.

i think about this living thing inside me, that for tis brief time is till PART of me, though separate. i can feel the movement in me that is so foreign to things i've felt before. i can see and feel body changes that are fascinating and weird, and amazing. i can feel the swelling in my belly, and odd changes in my joint (already? i guess so...) every second is a newness, a strange feeling that this is something significant for me and my body. that this time is so very special, so very important for me to internalize and remember.

i haven't given birth before. i've never carried a child. i don't know what this is like. everything is something i have never experienced ever. and it is SO IMPORTANT for me to experience it for what it is: a moment in my life, a moment in the life of another creature, another being, because right now, we share a life. we are sharing a space, a body. this si a body time, a feeling time. and i feel like if i don't experience this, value it on it's own right, if i just put it all aside as several months of killing time until the baby gets here, then i've lost something.

this bit of life is ALREADY here. this change in my insides is visible, feel-able. i'm not just waiting. i'm not just anticipating the moment wen i can see the human within me emerge and be separate. this is the time when we are TRULY connected, physically, this child and i. we are one being, for a time. this togetherness is so valuable to me, and i don't want to miss it. i don't want to ignore it. i don't want to devalue this time by pushing my mind forward to a specific date of anticipatory release. this s on place were i really am getting the whole "journey, not the destination" thing. this part of this journey is incredible and fabulous.

and every time i hear the unfortunate news of a prematurely  ended pregnancy, it becomes more important to me to know and feel THIS, right now. because even if the end result isn't what we want, i don't want to have missed this.

i don't want to miss this.

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